[SOLD] Qotom mini pc 8g ram and 128g ssd $150 shipped to CONUS

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I have one of these I purchased off Amazon. I am going in a different direction on my network so... maybe this can find a new home. Right now it has a new install of pfSense 2.50 loaded in default configuration.

$150.00 shipped to CONUS ONLY! Pictures will be uploaded shortly. I take PayPal or Venmo

Mine does NOT have wifi



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Pictures: BTW, I uploaded these while connected through the Qotom unit. :)


  • IMG_2143.JPG
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The pictures are too small, especially for the screen shot. (Not that I'm looking to buy)


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The pictures are too small, especially for the screen shot. (Not that I'm looking to buy)
The forum would not allow me to upload anything larger. I had to keep reducing their size until it allowed me to upload them.
For better pictures, you can see them here:

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