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Some Help Choosing a NAS

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New Around Here
Hi Everyone!

First post here. I've been doing some lurking/researching around here for the last couple of weeks. I've been thinking about getting a NAS for the house to store media (pictures, videos etc), as well as stream music (iTunes server)

And in the near future i'd like to stream video to the tv (by what means I haven't decided yet). I'd prefer to do that wirelessly opposed through ethernet but I haven't ruled that solution out yet.

I've been looking at a 2 drive solution. The three that I have narrowed it down to are the Dlink DNS-323 or Qnap TS-209 (not sure if I would need the Pro version or not) or the Netgear ReadyNas Duo.

The TS-209 seems like the best performing solution but also the most expensive and without any disks. The Ready Nas looks like a good reliable solution as well. As for the DNS-323, it looks like it would need some tempering with to get it running up to spec.

And thoughts or other recommendations would be great!
With the 1.06 firmware just released; the d-link dns-323 becomes a more capable media server. I use this nas for exactly this purpose and can stream stuff to my xbox 360 with ease. I have also used the synology ds-208 which I found to be pretty good; however too full-featured and overpriced for this simple application.

I would also like to present one other solution to you which I have setup for a couple of people:
Since it's exclusively for media you can set this little wonder up as your nas and if required backup the data to a usb hard drive.

As far as I know it doesn't have an itunes server, so if this essential to you; this won't be right for you to use as a nas... however is still recommended for a role as your media streamer!
thanks for advice. I'd also like to use the NAS as a file server and for back up purposes as well.

I was looking at popcorn early this week. looks like a great solution. I was thinking of either building a low end htpc, or picking up a ps3 to get media playing through the tv.

any other thoughts or suggestions?
I used to pull all my hair out trying to figure out how these media extenders worked with these ready-made NAS solutions in terms of media streaming, UPnP, ITunes, etc. Waiting for and applying firmware upgrades that promised to be more compatible with one another became a daily routine.

Until I finally caved in and just built a couple low-cost HTPCs for each of my TV. No more "streaming" for me. Now I use the NAS as, well, NAS. I'm at peace and have more hair.

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