specify VPN clients in rt-ax58u?

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Thinking of getting a VPN and I was wondering Is it possible to specify which clients use the VPN in the AX58U? or is it just all or nothing? My concern is my gaming pc having slow speeds. But I would still like my tv and other devices used to browse and make transactions to use vpn. I only have a 100mbs connection is a vpn even worth it for me or will it be too slow?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.


Butterfly Bones

Very Senior Member
I do precisely that from that page, and have seen a few hundred posts about using that to help people asking the same question. It works perfectly!


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Yep it does work indeed. I would of preferred if it defaulted to vpn and then I just add which devices I wanted to use for wan. Since I basically wanted everything but a few devices in vpn, i have a huge list lol. But thats fine i'm sure there is a reason.

I was wondering though, my ax58u seems not to be able to do more then 50mbps with the openvpn. IS this normal? Is there anything I can do to improve speeds?

Butterfly Bones

Very Senior Member
You can default all devices to VPN with the following command, then designate only the devices you want to WAN, much easier. :)
to VPN    VPN
Here is how I have mine.
Router          WAN  
LAN         VPN  
smart TV         WAN  
Gov. office  192.168.1.XX   abc.def.123.098       WAN

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