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speed after router is 1/2 that of directly connected to modem

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Paul Hillman

New Around Here
I've had an ESR9850 router from Engenius since it came out as the wired router in my house, I am not using the WiFi port (it is turned off). My IPS recently updated their equipment, so I updated my cable modem. Connecting directly to the cable modem I am seeing nearly 300 Mbps. However using the router with just 1 LAN port connected I see only about 170 Mbps. I am using CAT 6 and 5e cables of about 5 feet. (actually when connecting the modem directly to my laptop I used the same CAT 5e cable, and I've tried switching out the other cable)

Small Net builder tested this router at 700 Mbps wired routing speed, it has 1000 Mbps wan and lan ports. (https://www.smallnetbuilder.com/wir...ireless-n-router-with-gigabit-switch-reviewed). But that was back in 2010. So would anybody have any suggestions on why I am seeing a factor of two decrease, 300 -> 170 Mbps when going through the router vs. directly connected to the modem.

Thanks for any insight

Paul Hillman

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