Strange device connected to my LAN


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Hi :)

I need a little bit of help. I don't know it's a bug or what is happening here... I've got RT-AX68U with latest Merlin firmware. List of connected devices shows me that something is connected by the cable to my network. Look at the screenshot below:


I've got a Mikrotik 24p switch connected to my asus router and everything in my house is connected to that switch. The only MSI (Micro-Star International) device that I've got is my PC's motherboard and it works as expected - it has address. Mac address of something that has IP is different that anything in my network. Strangely it has "static" badge - different than everything else. It disappears after rebooting the router and gets back in random time. Strangely there isn't anything with that mac address in the system logs...

So - what could it be? Should I be worried?


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Automatic IP addressing - 169.254.x.x is automatically assigned when the network adapter can't get an IP from DHCP. I'm assuming what you see in Client List is just stuck record before your PC got address. It may stay there for a long time. Client List is quite buggy, ignore it.
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I can't remember exactly what it is called, but if you look in the logs tab there should be DHCP leases.
"System Log" --> "DHCP leases" tab.

And here's another way to get a bit more info (if you prefer CLI):
cat /proc/net/arp | grep -i "4C:CC:6A"
cat /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases | grep -i "4C:CC:6A"

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