Synology firewall only for inbound traffic?


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So recently i got a old model (for free, its a 115J) to play with and see if a synology would fit my needs.
In the webinterface there is a firewalling setting, i have tried to play with it a little bit and have the assumption the firewalling section is only for inbound traffic, not for outbound traffic, can anyone confirm this to be the case or can i also block outgoing traffic?

Case why im asking, i have installed download station on it, in there i see a option for torrenting, i would like to block this on the Synology itself.
Looking in the settings i see it uses ports 16881 and 6881.
Within the firewall section i made rules in the LAN section to block both ports yet when i paste a magnet link to the Ubuntu ISO it still downloads, something i hoped to have blocked with these settings.


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IIRC the firewall is inbound only.

Enjoy your 115J - it's still actively supported by Synology as of DSM 7.0.1

Put a big drive in there, and it could be a useful torrent box indeed...


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Thx, although its just for testing and playing.
If all seems fitted and the misses likes it i will use this unit as external back at my inlaws and buy a DS720+ for in house.
Then i have docker support too, combined with a RAM update i should be able to run pihole/unbound docker images and release some "stress" from the Asus.
And then i can tinker some more of needed, maybe some network monitoring tool.

As for DSM 7.0.1 i have been reading 1gb of RAM is advised, the unit only has 256mb by default, not sure if investing RAM in this unit will actually help, CPU is already at 100% almost consistently according to the system overview.

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Congratulations on the NAS aqusition. If you are going to run Docker, Pi-hole, Unbound, etc then a RAM upgrade is a must. The 720+ also has the ability to add SSDs for caching. I haven't experienced any anomalies with the move to DSM 7, and see that the new update (7.0.1) will be released over the next weeks (by region) for supported models.
You could always step up to the 920+ or DS1621xs+ ;)
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