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synology vs Linksys

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I'd liketo know if people have experience with the following NAS and router configuration:

synology DS209+ connected to Linksys WRT610N router.

Does this work ?

I heard that the synology NAS has some networking features such as website creating which requires a server so portmapping feature on the router must be possible. How all these stuffs are distributed between the two? who's the NAs or the router that must support the feature?

Also, Dynamic DNS (DDNS) must be supported in which one?

I think DDNS is supported by synology but not the linksys router. Is this enough to work?

Yes you can.

Just configure the linksys to port forward HTTP traffic (port 80) into the synology.

Then set the DDNS on the linksys box, now all external requests for port 80 will go directly into your synology box.

Not entirely sure regarding the support for DDNS on Linksys WRT610N, but if my old WRT54GL (Firmware Version: v4.30.5) has it, i would think such a recent router as WRT610N would have it too. If you have this router at hand, check it out, or if you are in the process of buying it, ask the dealer.
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