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say, have a couple questions. have kicked around a nas for many years, but pulled the trigger on one a few days ago. (can return till 1/31/23)
my setup has been with usb storage to the router or media players. have a 4tb on the router, 10tb on one media player, 2tb on another, and a new 14tb usb..
the thought was shuck the 14tb, for drive 1 in the ds220+ and set it up as basic ?? not sure if jbod is used with say 2 different size, and one is removed... guessing the control of file placement is missing vs basic. most of my storage is big media files. other network stuff is backed up in several locations if important. seems basic would be the best "non raid" option for me.
option b, copy the 2tb on to the 14tb, plug the 14 into the 2nd usb port on the router and be done. easy peasy.. lol the 2tb will be put on the 14tb regardless.
the thought would be run plex, or jellyfin, or similar. using kodi now in several locations. only 2 of us in the house, slight concern would be if these allow the disks to rest, or if they run all the time.
not sure about having anything accessible from outside, possibly on a limited basis.
router is a ax86s, with 2 usb ports.

any thoughts or ideas here would be great, I have never had a synology or any other before.
thanks so much for your time.

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Doesn't sound like you need a NAS personally. Though it's better than relying on the router to host over USB.


With that mix of sizes you're not optimized for slapping them into a raid which is where a NAS excels at. I would just copy over the 2/4tb data to the newer disks and then toss them or keep them for portable storage.

You could mirror the 10/14 drives so they have identical copies of each other using raid 1 in the NAS but then you have a pair of 10tb volumes because raid will use the lowest capacity for the max size.

Or just keep the two drives connected to the router as individual storage spaces.


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I use the smaller 1 drive version, DS120. I turn it on every so often copy all files like pictures, music and documents. And then it turns itself off in the morning, so it runs for a day. Synology has this setting. This is my back up. The speed is fine for a 1 gig network. The CPU is weak so don't expect a lot out of it. It works fine for storage. The OS seems solid.

I would use 1 drive if you don't have matching drives. You need some kind of backup if you are going to run it 24/7.


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To keep things simple and still give you an upgrade, copy the 2TB to the 14TB as you mentioned, and use the 2TB in the synology jbod. Then connect all your usb drives to the synology and enjoy the speed improvement and play with the stuff you want using the 2TB. Done. :)
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