Time Scheduling Issue (XT8)

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I have a Time Schedule set up for my kids internet to go off on their devices and all of a sudden it stopped working properly for the Xbox One's. I have to turn off the time scheduling completely for the Xbox to be able to get on the internet even if it is in the time window where it is allowed. Everything used to work fine and just all of a sudden it stopped. I am not aware of any changes that were made to anything that could have caused it. I do also have a Asus RT-AC68U that is set up as a repeater for my son's Xbox since his is a little far away to get a good 5GHz signal so I use the other router in Repeater mode so he can get the 5GHz signal. My daughters Xbox has the same issue and hers connects directly to the XT8. This has been the same setup for a while, including the repeater and everything used to work fine.

What could have changed or should I look in to?


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Bummer, so it sounds like no one else has run in to this issue before. I still can't figure out what it could be.

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