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Solved TL-WA901ND, in client mode, cannot access Internet when connected to a TPLink Omada AC1750 EAP245

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After installing 1 TPLink AC1750 EAP245 to replace multiple AP's and seeing a performance increase for my guest network I decided to install the second EAP245 on my Home network as an extension next door.
That is when I discovered the following problem.

I have just upgraded the AP in my Home network with a TP-Link Omada AC1750 EAP245 and all of the computers using a TL-WA901ND Client can no longer receive the correct ip from the router.
They cannot access the internet either.
All other wireless devices can connect ok.
Anyone know why this might be happening?
I tried changing the Client settings from Static ip to Smart DHCP(no difference)
For some reason the client cannot be seen by the gateway router through the TP Link EAP245.
Not sure why that would be...
The Client GUI becomes inaccessible from the computer using it because the computers ip is auto generated and not in the same subnet as the client.
You have to give the computer a static ip to access the Gui of the client.
Still no internet.
Since I had, what appears to be, a good working EAP245 on my guest network, I used it to test a couple of spare TL-WA901N's. They worked after unchecking the WDS box on the configuration.
One client worked right away and I set that one aside. The next one also worked pretty quickly using the settings from the first one.
Then I went back into the second client and changed different settings to see which settings caused the most issues
Then I went and tested the working clients on the problem EAP245.
I changed it from static to dynamic and paired it's mac address to the ip I wanted it to be in the home router.
Had a very good day and all the clients are working perfectly.
Thanks for reading
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