TP-Link AX55 issues


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I've had an AX55 deployed for a few months and it was working fine till I upgraded it to their new firmware 1.0.9, from 1.0.7. Afterward no client information, as if nothing is connecting to it anymore. Its running in AP mode, used to have ~25 clients connected, most were wired, and mostly connected via other switches so they showed up as Ethernet connections. After the upgrade last week, no clients of any kind showing. Their second level support had me switch it back to Router mode and I could see the clients again. Switched it back they are gone again. I am downgrading back to 1.0.7 again as I want it in AP mode, not router mode that wants to change devices connected to a different subnet.

Just a JFYI.

Also, their syslog is useless unless all you want to see is when the LED lights switch on and off. I am not sure why they have logging at all since its useless for troubleshooting. Have been switching my WiFi devices to WPA3 and there is no way to tell what security protocol they are connecting by. Was testing some devices for Emporia Energy with WPA3, but it turns out after a few months of working with them, they didn't even have a WPA3 device in house to test with. So I was wasting a lot of time and energy with them as they kept telling me they supported WPA3... but that turned out to be untrue.


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After the upgrade last week, no clients of any kind showing.

Have you tried resetting the router to factory defaults after the firmware upgrade? It may help resolving the issue.

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