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Trooli FTTP - replace Technicolor DGA4134 with modem/bridge/micro switch

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Not sure if anyone can help, but I'm looking for recommendations for a device to pass PPPOE details without acting as a router or firewall on our new FTTP Trooli connection.

I have obtained all PPPOE details (directly from Trooli) and have permission to run own equipment - but I'm unsure what device exactly I should be purchasing.

Is there a simple bridge device / micro switch recommended that can pass PPPOE details over FTTP much like a simple DSL modem? I don't want it to do anything other than pass data straight to our Smoothwall device.

Our current network looks like this:

Trooli FTTP
Adrant 621 ONT
Trooli Router - replace this with bridge device
I'd imagine just about any home router could do the same unless your ISP has got specific requirements.
Yes I understand that, but isn't there any microswitches or simple bridges that can act as a PPPOE client without all the fluff - I don't need any functions other than Client PPPOE passthrough? Maybe I misunderstood the Network engineer when he told me about replacing the Trooli router, as I'm sure he mentioned a microswitch but I might have misheard.

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