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Two client VPN's at the same time

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New Around Here

I've got the following setup:

Asus RT-AC88U (with the latest Merlin firmware).

I have Two client VPN connections running at the same time.

One connection to a paid VPN provider, all my devices (except one) are going true this VPN tunnel (policy rules) everything is working fine:)

The other connection to a Netgear R7000 with XWRT-Vortex ,and also the latest firmware. True this tunnel I selected one windows machine (policy rules). This connection is also running well.

Attached to the lan side of the R7000 are two IP-cam's with a dedicated IP adreses.

And now question 1:
How can I connect to the IP cam's in the lan of the R7000?

Further more, I have the VPN-server activated on the Asus RT-AC88U and I can connect with it (open VPN) and can reach all the devices in my lan. Except when the VPN to the R7000 is activatedo_O

So question 2:
Why is this?

Thanks in advance:)

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