Unable to access internet through IPSec VPN to home router

Matt Storr

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I have an RT-AC86u running Merlin 384.13. I’ve setup an IPSec VPN for connecting back to my home whilst abroad, but curiously cant connect to the internet through it for accessing some services which actively block mainstream VPN providers such as surfshark, private internet access etc. I can see I receive an IP of, but my phone won’t connect to any websites through it. I was also wanting to use it to tunnel my WhatsApp and FaceTime connections through my home internet connection whilst visiting UAE which blocks voip systems even over WiFi. Does anyone have a clue why I can get to the external internet through the VPN?


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Consider reviewing your WAN's DNS setting and if you're having any issues with network interfaces communicating server side. Going into the advanced settings for IPSec VPN and altering the DNS server options manually there might fix your problem? Else your ISP's DHCP is not working right.

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