Understanding Cisco Part Numbers and Support / Warranty - New SG350 switch

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Nolan Bauer

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Hello everyone. Been Lurking for a while, but finally have a question for the group. I recently bought a Cisco SG350-28 switch on eBay. Thanks to many of the posts on here, I made sure that I was only buying the SG-350-xx-K9-NA part number. The item was listed relatively cheap, but clearly listed as the -NA version. Received the switch today and it was boxed with a EU plug and the part number was SG350-28-K9 V02. A US plug was attached to the outside of the box, which immediately resulted in my disappointment. Looked up the serial number and the attached screenshot was the result.

I called Cisco and the tech said I can still receive security updates and patches for the switch, so it seems like I can still use it.

My questions for the group...

1) What am I missing out on if the switch is not the -NA version?

2) I knew to avoid the -EU versions, but should I also shy away from the V01 and V02 versions as well? I’ve seen them listed on eBay for relatively descent prices. Hadn’t seen much mention of them here so figured I’d ask in case anyone else was wondering.

I’m not against paying appropriate price to get my hands on one of these switches, just thought maybe I had landed a good deal since the listing specifically mentioned SG350-28-K9-NA. Perhaps I should’ve known better.

When/ if I finally get the right switch I plan on setting up my home network with Layer 3 and VLANs. Would be happy to document my experience for the betterment of the community.

Thanks for any insight you can provide and happy to be here!

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I received one of those and I sent it back. I only buy the NA versions that support Cisco's smartnet maintenance. I want the real deal.

Versions don't bother me because it may be as simple as they ran out of chips and had to re-engineer the design. Cisco will publish if there are differences in software.

Besides are you going to trust people that miss advertise products?

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You should start seeing a lot of the old SG switches as a new Cisco line is coming out to replace them I hope next month. They are going to be CBS switches instead of SG.
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These will be a welcome update, @coxhaus. The best part for me is slightly shorter chassis depths, options for internal power supplies in lower-density SKUs (models without the "-E-" in the name) and FANLESS PoE for 24 ports (half-power) and less, plus reasonable dBA on the 24FP and 48T-4G.
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