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Unknown Device - No IP Address?

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I found a device in my Wireless log that doesn't show up in the "View list" or DHCP Leases list. The only place this device shows up is in the Wireless log. The MAC does not come up with any vendor when I search MAC assignments. Any idea on how to find out what it is? Here's what my Wireless log shows;

Cut it off in MAC filter, see who's going to complain. Monitor if it pops up again with a different MAC. Wi-Fi 4 at -60dBm - it's not far, somewhere around you.
single stream 802.11n - this is most likely an IoT device.
Raspberry Pi Zero W wireless sniffer with randomized MAC... IoT device. 🧐
Thanks for the replies. Can this device do anything without an IP address?
Don't rely on what router's GUI is showing you about connected devices. It often doesn't see connected devices at all.

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