Unresponsive on Web and SSH - RT-AC68U

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This happened to me again tonight. This is probably the third or fourth time this has happened over the past year.
My guess is that it happens more often, but perhaps it eventually recovers itself and I'm not using it so I don't see it.
When it happens of course means I've been using the GUI or ssh access to configure things.

I go to open an SSH session - and I am able to login with my key (after typing my key encryption password into putty) and then I am shown my configured MOTD.
But, after the MOTD the session just hangs...no prompt.

I then head over the the web UI and login. Usually it hangs after login and once that happens then future attempts to visit the page just sit spinning waiting to connect.

I think the longest I have let it sit is a couple of hours, but usually ended up hard rebooting.

Any idea how to track this down?

I should note that my router functions just fine. I can get out to the internet, my nginx proxy is processing incoming requests, etc. I just can't seem to access any session.

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