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Updgrade alarm

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I got a new firmware warning on my GT-AX11000 but there is not, not a big issue of course, do you get the same ? some the blue bell and the text and the link to upgrade...

Sorry for the typos in my title & post...
Ok, but i use Merlin ! so that means that warning is also for Stock Firmware ?
See Post #9

Yes. I do not believe RMerlin fw sends upgrade messages, but I might be incorrect. I Do Not use the ROG theme. Forum Members seem to notify the Forum within moments of RMerlin uploading his fine work, thus I have the fw notification untoggled.
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I think Merlin-WRT doesn't switch the "alarm" for stock-fw.
I´ve set up this IP in routers hosts: fwupdate.asuswrt-merlin.net.
So my router can't raise an alarm at all, but tries to look to "fwupdate.asuswrt-merlin.net" to see if there's a new FW.
Asuswrt-Merlin will only notify you of updates to Asuswrt-Merlin, through the webui.

I know sometimes Asus has sent notification by Email to registered users in case of a major security issue, but that's a different thing.
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