Upgrade Thecus N7700PRO for SMB 2+

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I have an older Thecus n7700PRO unit. It still works well. However, the firmware has not been updated since 2013, and it only supports SMB 1.5 for Windows file access. This is an old protocol that is unsafe and not well supported on modern Windows computers. Thecus seems to have designed their later versions of the N7700PRO so they use different firmware. Does anyone know if there is a way to get the older unit to support SMB 2 or greater?


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Having 3 NAS from Thecus, the old ones are fine but with the new ones like 6xxx/7xxx they have so bad hardware.
2 NAS from me are rebooting 2-3 times before they really booting. Support and Service for delivering broken Parts is OK.
Better getting a DIY :)
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