USB Naming Issue after Loss of Power Reboot of RT-AC68U


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After a recent power interruption which caused my RT-AC68U to reboot, I noticed the mounting point name of my router-mounted USB drive had changed from "[label]" to "[label](1)". As a result, my MiniDLNA client could no longer find content stored on the drive. "fdisk -l" did not show anything abnormal (no duplication of partitions). A "df" listing showed only the mount point with the (1) suffix - again no duplication. The (1) suffix remained through subsequent reboots...a reboot with the drive removed eventually resolved the issue. I'm guessing that maybe the previous mount record didn't clear during the reboot causing linux to think it had two drives of the same name at the time the mount point was assigned. Curious if anyone else has encountered this. The inability of the media client to find files had me stumped for quite a while.

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