VPN configuration challenge

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Hello everyone, I have an interesting VPN configuration challenge that I hope my fellow forum members will help me with. I have a laptop that I usually connect to the Internet by an Ethernet cable to my Asus RT-86U router that is running AsusWrt-Merlin firmware. The laptop has a pre-installed Cisco corporate VPN client. At my future vacation house, I will probably have another Asus RT-86U (or newer) router that that I will use in the same way. I want to configure a VPN server in my primary home router and a VPN client in my vacation home router so that all my Internet activities would appear to the outside world as if coming from from the IP address of my primary home router, including my corporate VPN connections.

Thank you all in advance.


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FYI OpenVPN client at remote location using redirect-gateway back to OpenVPN server at home would accomplish what you require...issue may be the use of additional corporate VPN that may possibly override OpenVPN depending on how is configured

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