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VPN Server not routing internet traffic through VPN Client

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I am having an issue with my VPN Server on my Asus Ax86U Merlin 388.1 whereby when I connect to it remotely on my phone and preform a whats my IP check, it is showing my ISP information and not my NordVPN. I have NordVPN client running on my ASUS and I direct all internet traffic through it bar a few devices which are setup in the VPN Director. I expected that with my VPN set to allow clients to access both internet and lan, it would then direct the internet through the VPN and when I preformed an IP check, my Nord ISP would show. Could anyone guide me on how to redirect the Server traffic through the client VPN? Thanks in advance.
You need to add your VPN Server subnet (e.g to VPN Director and set it to the NordVPN VPN client number as the interface you want it to go over.
And you set the interface to the VPN Client and not WAN?

What is still showing as your ISP? Your DNS or your WAN IP after connecting to the VPN?
I'm not sure what you mean sorry. I'm a noob with all this. When I connect to the VPN, my WAN IP isn't what I see on what's my IP where I am seeing my ISP name
It's my WAN IP of my ISP router that is showing on the VPN
I have a short little "instruction guide" I made here that details how you should set up your VPN Director:

I'm also noticing issues with VPN routing behavior. I have an OpenVPN client set up (connecting fine) and internet routing is set to "VPN Director". If I create a rule to force a particular device over that VPN connection, it doesn't go into effect until after a reboot. Similarly, it would seem that if I change internet routing for the VPN client from "VPN Director" to "Yes (all)" and vice versa, that also doesn't go into effect until after a reboot. I'm applying changes after each change.

Testing was as follows:
1. Confirm VPN is connected in VPN status and routing setting is "VPN Director"
2. Check external IP of device via www.ipchicken.com. It shows as WAN IP (non-VPN)
3. Confirm IP address of device and add new rule. Set interface to the OpenVPN client.
4. Confirm IP address in rule and device again, ensure it is enabled. Apply settings.
5. Check external IP of device again. It is still WAN IP.
6. Click gear icon in GUI to restart router.
7. Once router is back up, check external IP of device again. It now shows the OpenVPN IP address.

I've done similar testing with similar results for switching between VPN Director and Yes (all) internet routing settings.
This means your VPN director is not properly configured. In order to communicate, your NordVPN client and VPN director should be on the same subnet.

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