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When i do a speedtest(speedtest.net) on my iphone when connected to my router through wifi i get roughly the bandwidth of the link (100 Mbps down, 10Mbps up)
now when i connect my iphone to the router through wifi using the build in VPN server(openvpn) and run the same test i get around 10Mbps down, 5Mbps up

why is it that the bandwidth is so much lower, i can't be the VPN overheat

also when i go to the VPN server setting CLIENT WILL USE VPN TO ACCESS :local network only the speedtest will not work(this is correct behaviour)
however when i switch this option back to internet and local network and run the speedtest i suddenly get much higher speeds 60Mbps down, 10Mbps up
this only works the first time and after that it is back to the capped setting of 10Mbps

does anybody know where the VPN server is capped?


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You are being limited by the router's WAN upload speed (10Mbps) to your iphone.


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All this testing via wifi is meaningless, since the whole point of using the OpenVPN server is for remote access purposes. If you used it as intended, which is over the internet side of the WAN (e.g., cellular on your smartphone), you'd find the OpenVPN client's download speed was limited by the upload speed of your home ISP connection, and the fact that OpenVPN runs in user-space rather than the kernel, which can severely limit its throughput as well (how much depends on the hardware; my own ASUS RT-AC68U is limited to about 30Mbps, up or down).
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