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With Asuswrt-Merlin, you have the option to set up a VPN Client to a VPN provider. I am curious, is there a way to define that VPN Client be configured in either configuration:
1) Only specific devices use the VPN when connected to the router (wifi or Ethernet).
2) Specify if any device is connected to (say) the 2.4 Ghz wifi signal to use the VPN. This way anything that is connected to the 5 Ghz band would NOT be routed through the VPN.

I have been digging into the settings for the VPN client and am assuming this is not possible?

EDIT: I just found VPN Director which looks to satisfy my point #1 through the use of IP address. So I see I can just assign static IP's to devices if necessary. So point #2 is still unknown.
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By design, all wired and wireless (regardless of freq) devices are assigned to the same bridge (br0) and are thus treated without distinction except for their assigned IP on the shared IP network (e.g., Any and all other distinctions, including *how* those devices are connected, is LOST to the routing system, firewall, VPN Director, etc.

Short of using the CLI to change the default configuration and place a given wireless freq on a *different* VLAN/bridge and use a different IP network (e.g.,, then use that for the VPN Director, you would have to rely on the use of YazFi w/ the Guest networks.

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