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  1. T

    ASUS RT-AX88U wifi router VPN Client issue

    Hi, I have a ASUS RT-AX88U wifi router with firmware version The current firmware version is When I try to upgrade from to any new firmware I have an issue with VPN client. When I add an Open VPN client, in my router, the internet status...
  2. mith_y2k

    OpenVPN on Orbi for Transmission on Voxel

    I was reading yesterday how to configure the openVPN client on my Orbi and how to exclude certain clients. What I am thinking of is almost the opposite, not using the VPN for anything EXCEPT for a specific service on the Orbi. There are a lot of benefits to use a VPN as an anonymizer, but in a...
  3. xendi

    VPN Client DNS & DHCP

    I'm using the VPN Client policy rules to specify clients on the network I want routed through a VPN. On my machine that is VPN routed, if I run: ( nmcli dev list || nmcli dev show ) 2>/dev/null | grep DNS I see the DNS my machine is using is: My VPN provider runs their own DNS...
  4. P

    nat-start for policy-based PORT routing

    Hello, I have followed the instructions here : https://github.com/RMerl/asuswrt-merlin.ng/wiki/Policy-based-Port-routing-(manual-method) Here is my nat-start #!/bin/sh sleep 10 # During the boot process nat-start may run multiple times so this is required # Ensure duplicate...
  5. Sonyrolfy

    Dropdownlist for Policy routing.

    @RMerlin Feature Request: Is it possible to make/create a client name dropdownlist in the section: VPN client for Offline Source IP's when policy routing is desired? This would be wonderful in terms of convenience and adding clients error free with different IP's by head or copy paste from a...
  6. Mr7ndr3

    RT-AX88U VPN CLIENT CONNECTED Traffic goes without vpn - Solved With Asus Merlin

    I bought a brand new RT-AX88U to be connected to a ISP ONT+Modem/Router to be VPN router thus serving a TV. Problem: RT-AX88U gets a diferent IP from ISP router and with VPN Client activated and TV conected to Asus get the ISP Public IP I have a ISP FiberGATEWAY Bridge Mode ON, DHCP ON...
  7. ftahumour

    [AsusWrt-Merlin] DNS Resolution Issue with Netflix service only when connected to VPN server?

    Hello guys and gals, I have an issue I'm struggling to resolve and contacting the vendor for support appears a futile exercise for now at least, so I'm hoping that some of you here may have experienced a similar issue or may be knowledgable on the subject to provide some leads I can look into...
  8. R

    DNS requests not routed thru VPN on Asuswrt-Merlin

    Hello, I've setup an OpenVPN Client on my router Asus RT-AC68U with Asuswrt-Merlin version 384.13_0 as follows: Force Internet traffic through tunnel: Policy Rules (strict) Rule: VPN Accept DNS Configuration: Exclusive The VPN connection works fine but there is one problem...
  9. B

    VPN - Capturing Clients in Reporting Data

    I permanently tether my mobile phone (Android Samsung 5G running the paid OpenVPN Client) back via OpenVPN to my home router (RT-86u). How can I capture this in traffic and Diversion statistics? Does it need to sit on the same subnet or something? It defaults to 10.x subnet which doesn't seem to...
  10. R

    Wireless Router Mode and VPN

    Hi, I am trying to use a VPN client on my ASUS RT-AX88U, this router is connected to a modem/router elsewhere via ethernet. I cannot use the WAN port for the connection (ip conflict reported), but the LAN ports work. Thing is, the router WAN LED is always red and there is no internal (web...
  11. owiecc

    Routing router through VPN and the rest through WAN

    I am trying to setup my router (AX88) so that the traffic from the router (transmission) goes through VPN and the rest of the devices go through WAN. If I set Redirect Internet traffic to all the router goes through VPN. I am checking by testing the external IP: curl ipinfo.io/ip When I use...
  12. P

    ASUS RT-AC87U: Combining VPN-server with VPN client running on router

    So I have the ASUS RT-AC87U router with Asuswrt-merlin firmware (384.12). I'm running an openVPN-server so I can connect to my home network remotely, so I can remotely maintain and control both the router and the clients on the network. I just recently got a VPN subscription and added the...
  13. amplatfus

    Open VPN simultaneously VPN Client and Server 384.11_2 AC88U

    Hi, I recently update to 384.11_2 from 380 and have a strange problem. I use VPN Server (1,2) and is working. I also use VPN Client (1,2,3,4,5) and is working. But when I activate both I have no internet on VPN Server connected clients and VPN Client (1,2,3,4,5) give no internet to policy list...
  14. P

    Redirect specific PORT through VPN

    Hi everyone, First post here. Hope you guys can help me. I have followed the instructions here (https://github.com/RMerl/asuswrt-merlin/wiki/Policy-based-routing-(manual-method)) to redirect some traffic through my VPN. The trick is I want to redirect a port and not all traffic that comes...
  15. H

    Scripted VPN client configuration

    Is there a way to set up a VPN client connection at the command line. I'd like to be able to read an ovpn file and write the configuration using a script. My intention is to automate downloading of an ovpn file; choosing a server with the most capacity and lowest ping, and then automatically...
  16. T

    ASUS ac1900. Can I randomize vpn client connection

    Is it possible to configure vpn client (if i have more than one target entered) to randomly connect to a different one every x hours/days etc?
  17. B

    VPN Client Policy Rules (strict), affects hostname on all network devices.

    I just set up a VPN Client, imported a .ovpn file, and it seems to be working great. Only the specified device actually has the different IP as excepted. It's just that somehow, other network devices seem to return with a different hostname, in my case, "resolver2.privateinternetaccess.com"...
  18. Sonyrolfy

    Trying to understand while connected trough a VPN client.

    Trying to understand while connected trough a VPN client in Server Address and Port. When Server Address is 84.xx.xxx.xxx and set Port manually to port 443, my log shows: dnsmasq[5041]: using nameserver 10.xx.xxx.x#53 dnsmasq[5041]: using nameserver 10.xx.xxx.x#53 Question: why is the...
  19. Skeptical.me

    Advice needed - VPN speed slows down, have to turn on off once a day

    Hi, ASUS RT-AC86U WRT-Merlin 384.7_2 Diversion, Skynet, OpenVPN Server, OpenVPN Client (paid service) I'm using ExpressVPN in one of the 5 OpenVPN Clients. And lately I've noticed that the VPN connections slows right down. The solution I've been using is to restart the client and that fixes it...
  20. O

    RT-AC3200 - can I selective route (split) traffic on the VPN client so Apple TV will always work?

    I'm trying to make my network more secure by upgrading from my stable but very, very old Linksys routers running DD-WRT. Have a number of Windows workstations, MAC mini, Raspberry Pi based security cameras and network printers. The rub is the Apple TVs both a 4th generation and a 4K. I can...