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  1. M

    Asus RT-AX57 VPN for only some devices

    Hello! I've landed on this wonderful forum by searching information about merlin firmware and scripts. Unfortunately, the custom firmware is not available for my Asus RT-AX57. I would like to setup a VPN service (let's say, NordVPN for example) as a client on my router, however this will make...
  2. G

    VPN Client with Public IP, split tunnel web server over VPN and other traffic not on the VPN

    OK, please dont beat me too much... I have tried the Wiki and looked online and even here before posting... i have been trying to figure this out for a week. Here is my problem, i hope someone can help me accomplish my goal. I have a VPN client that has a Public IP and open port 80. The client...
  3. M

    VPN menu missing on Asus AX11000

    Hi, I just bought an Asus AX 11000 and have set it up as an access point. I want to use it as an additional router always connected to VPN. Now I just found out that the VPN menu item is not available. So I cannot setup VPN. I though VPN is a standard functionality for this router. I have...
  4. S

    How to start Wireguard client via SSH?

    Hi. I am using: RT-AX68U - Firmware:3004.388.4 I setted up a WireGuard client successfully and I am able to start / stop it via VPN --> VPN Client --> WireGuard --> Enable WireGuard (yes/no) and working fine. But I would like to start / stop it via SSH. How it would be possible?
  5. P

    RT-AX88U - 388.2_2 - Previously Working VPN Client (NordVPN) no longer functions - Suggestions for NordVPN Working Settings July 2023

    Following update to the current Merlin (388.2_2 - 05.05.23) Firmware on 22.05.23 neither VPN Client (Express VPN & NordVPN) made a successful connection reporting "Error - Authentication failure!" Inspecting the System Logs indicated a 'keysize' issue in respect of the Express VPN and this was...
  6. J

    GT-AXE11000 OpenVPN vs Wireguard VPN client: Bandwidth troubles

    I have a Asus ROG GT-AXE11000 router running Merlin 388.2_2_rog firmware. I noticed a behavior with the Wireguard VPN client setup on the router with the stock firmware and had not found a good solution and thought of giving the Merlin firmware a try. The problem still persists. The situation...
  7. Sp0X

    Slow WAN with VPN Director turned on

    Hi all. Tell me, please, what rules should be set in the VPN director so that the speed over the WAN does not drop to the speed of the VPN connection. I only use it to access some ip from all devices. Maybe it's because I'm using wireguard? I read the entire forum, but I did not find such...
  8. E

    VPN Stability Issues

    Since a couple of weeks ago (more or less coinciding with updating my RT-AX88U to 388.1) my VPN Connection has been giving me a lot of headaches. My Provider is ProtonVPN, I've tried both Wireguard and OpenVPN clients. I use VPN Director to route all traffic from my computer to the VPN...
  9. usamario

    RT-AX88U VPN Roku issues

    Hi I have a RT-AX88U running 388.1 Merlin firmware. I used OpenVPN and not able to watch Netflix or Hulu in Roku, I am looking for a solution. I searched for a guide here but could not find one. That does not mean there isn't one. I have SurfShark and have contacted them, have not heard from...
  10. A

    Can't SSH to Raspberry Pi on LAN with VPN Director

    Hi all, I have a RT-AX58U router running 388.1 firmware. I also have a VPN client that is constantly connected to Mullvad VPN (in fact, five of them with only one being active at a time). The only VPN Director rule that I have is to forward traffic from all local devices through that very VPN...
  11. M

    ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000

    Hi, I'd purchased the above router back in Jan 2021 for the express purpose of it's VPN client being able to connect thru to 3rd-party VPN service (e.g. NordVPN), and allow safe-torrenting for all home network clients. One of ASUS official firmware updates from Sep 2021 onward broke this...
  12. SheikhSheikha

    Asus Merlin vs SSL (SSTP) VPN

    Got a private server access issued today that I can access with Cisco Anyconnect. It would be easier if I can configure that on my Asus router Can I configure Asus Merlin with an SSL (SSTP) VPN Client. (I have no clue if this is possible and if so how where to look). Any input is highly...
  13. G

    Wireguard Wireguard Client VPN Failover Script

    Hello, I have created a VPN failover script for wireguard VPN client, currently the script works only for one client (wg1) where you can failover to multiple clients if a server goes down. This is my first attempt with shell scripting so don't mind if the script feels silly. Link...
  14. TanyaC

    21H2 PCs will not download updates when connected to VPN. All other OSs are fine

    Please forgive me if I come across a bit blunt. I'm really struggling with this as the VPN provider's customer service is absolutely terrible. Their answer to all things Network and Internet related is "DNS". Please also forgive me for the length of this post. I'm not a network expert at all...
  15. D

    [SCRIPT] sh to check vpn client status and auto reconnect if disconnected

    Hello community, my vpn service provider does not support keep alive in their setting, so i need another way to check if vpn client is connected and auto reconnect if it is disconnected, a sh script should do the job. The scipt should do something like this: nvram get vpn_client1_state...
  16. D

    Route Specific LAN IPs thru L2TP/PPTP VPN Client, How?

    How Route ONLY SPECIFIC LAN IPs thru L2TP/PPTP VPN Client?
  17. neemasa

    My country censors the internet; Does a VPN client work well on dual wan setup?

    Hi My knowledge of networking is limited. I apologize if my questions sound immature. About four months ago, I bought an RT-AX88U, and I love this router. It's easy to set up and works reliably. I live in Iran, and the internet censorship is horrible here. Because of that, we use VPN. I have...
  18. J

    VPN client on RT-AC68U wireless

    I bought two routers last month, one from Gl.inet and an Asus RT-AC68U. I see it is impossible to use my RT-AC68U router as a VPN client in router mode. I want to connect my Asus router to my home router wirelessly and still be able to use OpenVPN or Wireguard, just like the little gl.inet...
  19. J

    OVPN DNS & Policy-based routing question

    Question: If I set an OVPN client’s “Accept DNS configuration” settings to DISABLED … and set “Redirect Internet traffic through tunnel” to VPN Director (policy rules) … … will the DNS queries associated with those devices for which VPN director is set to enable use of the VPN client...
  20. R

    VPN Setup With Certain Devices Or Network Interface

    Hi, With Asuswrt-Merlin, you have the option to set up a VPN Client to a VPN provider. I am curious, is there a way to define that VPN Client be configured in either configuration: 1) Only specific devices use the VPN when connected to the router (wifi or Ethernet). 2) Specify if any device is...