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VPN (WireGuard) Client (& a Proxy Server?) on Router, use (Proxied) VPN for FFOX-Proxy ONLY

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Not sure if I'll be able to describe what I have in mind, well; here goes...
Basically, I want to only use my VPN on my FireFox Browser, no other traffic on my system needs to tunnel through the VPN.

To do this, I would plan to:
1. Run a VPN Client on my MerlinWRT Router, WireGuard preferentially. - done.
2. Probably need to run some sort of Socks5 Proxy Server to proxy the VPN traffic through on my LAN (ShadowSocks seems to be the popular software these days). I can't seem to find much besides Acris/shadowsocks-asuswrt-merlin on GitHub
(sidenote - my VPN Provider offers Socks5 Proxy Service on all their VPN Servers, in other words, you have to be tunneled to their VPN already - this doesn't seem relevant to my use-case)
3. Use the SOCKS5 Host Address & Port No (of proxy service running on router on LAN) as my FFOX Browser Proxy.

Is such a thing even possible?...
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launcher script:
function wg_launch {
  sudo killall "$1" &>/dev/null
  sudo /usr/local/src/wireguard-namespace/wg-netns-execute netns "runuser -u "$USER" "$(which "$1")" &"
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Did you run this script on your MerlinWRT wireguard Installation or some other way ? Do you have a way for this to run automatically on reboot or is that not necessay ?

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