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Wake on Lan in LAN (broadcast address only)

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Can someone explain to me why this is happening?
I am using the stock firmware on the Asus RT-AX86U. I use WoL to wake up my PC from the Internet and on the LAN. I have port forwarding configured with router settings and a fixed entry in the router's ARP table (I know, I know until the first router reboot) screenshots below.



Waking up the PC from the Internet works very well (I use a domain), waking up in LAN network of course also works but I have a problem with the IP addresses I need to use for this.

The address of my PC on the LAN is

If I connect from the outside via Wireguard VPN (serves set up on the router) by phone with Android app to the LAN, I can use all addresses to wake up:
- (brodcast)
- domain also works

However, being on the LAN (without VPN), I can't use the PC address, which is, to wake up the PC. WoL works only with the address (broadcast address) and that's what I don't understand. Why does not work direct addresses, because connecting to the LAN via VPN this address works.
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