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Web interface or GUI for LFTP (entware)

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Hello there!
I am trying to use my trusty Asus RT-AC68U as a FTP downloader (it runs 24/7 anyway). So I've picked and installed LFTP since it seems to be very praised and it works really good. My only problem is that I would prefer some sort of graphical interface to it, to make things a little bit easier to manage.
I've been looking and looking, but couldn't find anything that would be fully finished and working. LFTP doesn't seem to be a very discussed topic around here either.
So here I am... Asking if anybody is using some sort of graphical interface for LFTP, web based or Windows GUI and is willing to share from his or her experience with the matter.
Thank you!

P.S.: Recommendations of other good secure FTP clients with web or native GUI are also welcome.
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Why don't you use Aria2? It does have a web based GUI and works for ftp

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I didn't know about Aria2, that's why I didn't use it! :p
I cannot seem to find this information and since my FTP server is currently down (for another week) I cannot test it, does Aria2 support FTPS too (explicit)?
So, anybody else? Is there no such client in this world? Have I got so unique needs?

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