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What Should Noise Levels be on ASUS Router

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Quick Background- We have had numerous issues with our ASUS ac86u (currently on our 3rd unit), all were new and ran fine for a month before beginning to crash (requiring constant reboots and occasional resets), as we have a smart home that means a daily exercise of pairing each light switch back up which gets real old real fast.

We recently switched to Merlin and have not had the router crash in the last 24hrs (fingers crossed).

My question is this; I have exhausted all avenues, even purchased software to check for channel interference with neighbors and am at a loss. I believe it could be down to either:
1. Having too many devices connected (35+/-) and not having the proper settings for such demand.
2. It could be noise. When I look at the "System Log" and click "Wireless Log" it shows the noise level to be between -80 and -90 dBm on both the 2.4/5G. The connected devices are decent between -45 and -75 dBm.

ANY help, thoughts, suggestions would be so greatly appreciated. Have tried to work with ASUS, but their answer is to always mail them the unit, but I refuse to believe I could have had 3 faulty (brand new) units.
If they all start to become unstable after a certain period of time, I would look at where you are plugging your AC adapter as possibly a source of problem. An entry level UPS might be able to help you with that in case you have a bad power source that is damaging your AC adapters and/or routers after 1-2 months.

Also make sure the router gets properly cooling - a closed cabinet for example is generally a bad idea.

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