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Where to Download GNUton's Asus Merlin For DSL-AC68U

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I've been meaining to flash my DSL-AC68U, for quite some time now - and finally getting round to it. But for the life of me I just can't find GNUTon's Merlin for this router. I see that it's supported in the latest firmware - but HELP - where do I find it?

First post in this thread:- https://www.snbforums.com/threads/f...n-released-for-dsl-ax82u-and-dsl-ac68u.71980/

"Instruction for flashing the firmware.
1. Download the latest image for your model from here. Please download the .trx for DSL-AC68U or the .w for DSL-AX82U.
2. Open http://router.asus.com/Advanced_FirmwareUpgrade_Content.asp in your browser and upload the image
3. Please reset to factory if you are upgrading from stock or 384 release.

In case you want to revert back to stock firmware. Please download the .trx or .w image from the asus website/support page/your router
And repeat the points 2 and 3."

But the download link - https://github.com/gnuton/asuswrt-merlin.ng/releases/tag/3004.388.6_0-gnuton1 - doesn't list the DSL-68u firmware (or indeed any .trx files).

Any help and a pointer to flashing instructions appreciated

See here:

Bottom of the page.

See here:

Bottom of the page.

View attachment 57358
Many thanks @Tech9 . I didn't get that far down the page when I looked earlier 🙄!

Poking around a bit more I also found a newer version - AC68U_386.12_0-gnuton0_beta1_DSL_1.0.5.3 (marked as unstable) - Changelog only lists it as Merged with GPL 386_51997 - would you suggest using that or just stick with the earlier stble release?

Also - is it generally OK to simply do a firmware 'update' on the router to flash it with the Merlin_gnuton firmware, or is it recommended to do a factory reset before doing the 'updatte'?

Thanks again
Update the firmware first. Then perform a full factory reset. Always (when going from stock to 3rd party and vice versa).
would you suggest using that or just stick with the earlier stble release?

If you use anything Trend Micro related you may get constant DCD crashing in logs and high CPU utilization. GNUton's firmware is a bit behind in releases and doesn't contain the fix in 386.12_2. I don't know if this is the better firmware for your router. If you have no issues with whatever it is running currently - wait for 386.12_x release.

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