Which Add-on? One DHCP pool – Selective gateway assignment.

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Which Add-on? One DHCP pool – Selective gateway assignment.

Can I use one of the Add-ons like YazDHCP, x3mRouting etc. To point devices to different gateways?

For performance, attempting to split traffic between two OpenVPN clients – one on the Asus Router and one on a dedicated dual nic debian box actinv as a VPN gateway.
Can I have the DHCP server assign specified clients a gateway of (main asus router) if I want those clients to go through the Asus openVPN client? And then the DHCP server assign other clients a gateway of if I want those other clients to go to the debian VPN gateway device?

The Asus RT-AX68U running Merlin w/ OpenVPN client has throughput @ 150Mbps.
The VPN gateway running Debian w/ OpenVPN client has a throughput @300Mbps. And later will attempt to use Wireguard to get additional performance as the FTTH is 1Gbps.

I’m not sure if I can do this through YazDHCP, x3mRouting, etc. I installed and looked at the GUIs and didn’t see a field to do this, but perhaps I am not looking in the right place or need suggestions for a different approach.


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