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Which AX router to buy to add old AC router to Aimesh

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I'm looking for a new AX router that can get giga internet broadband as is via fiber with media converter to get full giga speed.
As currently my RT-AC68u router which is 9 yrs old as still running, but only getting up to 700 mbps speed,
Without router, just connect to media converter (GPON) I get speed at 950 mbps.
So the AC router is dropping the speed. Which AX router is good to buy , as can use AC as aimesh node in other room which is fully thick concrete room
via wired backhaul.
It's connected to 3 TV, 3 PC, 4 mobiles and usb hdd as NAS media share to all TV, also 10 smart home devices.
Currently I'm using RT-AC68u with gigabit hub switch and tp-link extender.
As my apartment is solid walls everywhere with bomb shelter room..
A suggestion. If you haven't done so already, use the site search feature to search for other discussions on router recommendations. People routinely ask the same or similar questions about which router to buy, what seems like every week or two.
Welcome to the forums @ozpacific.

There is no great match for your almost decade-old hardware today.

The best (hardware/experience) bang for the buck right now is still the GT-AX6000, particularly when on sale. If you pair it with your current router with the RT-AC68U as an AiMesh node, it will bring down the experience of the whole network.

I would recommend using the RT-AC68U either in AP mode (note: no shared Guest WiFi) or Media Bridge mode (for your wired-capable client devices).

A single GT-AX6000 may prove to be enough WiFi in your environment too. Only testing will determine that though.

While the above-suggested model will be capable of providing your network with 2.5GbE speeds for both WAN and LAN (and greatly above your current ISP needs), as it has two 2.5GbE ports for that purpose, it is still the best buy today.

You can also consider the lesser (and older) RT-AX86U which may be a bit less costly but has only one 2.5GbE Port (WAN or LAN), but is not as balanced (hardware-wise) a router as the GT model is.

When testing new hardware, be sure you test the new router on its own. I would also immediately flash RMerlin's firmware onto the router, fully reset it, and then minimally and manually set it up, to test it fully and properly. Note the changelogs too (many things will be different from the older 386.xxx firmware you are running currently).

The following links may help too.

Use the above post to be able to quickly go back to your current working configuration (if you decide to fully reset your current router and use it in the new network in AP, AiMesh, or Media Bridge modes).

Use the appropriate WPS reset method for each router from the link above.

Further tips are in the final link above.

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