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Why port 8443 default?

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Reset my RT-AC66U_B1 and upgraded from 386.7_2 to 386.9 using Firefox.
After upgrade I was unable to login using Firefox and IP address.
I next tried Edge and login with IP address worked normally.
After login found HTPPS port defaulted to 8443.
Tried Firefox and IPaddress:8443 and it worked.
I could change the HTTPS port to 443.
My guess is Firefox may have a setting to switch to 8443 automatically, but I don’t know where to find it.
Is 8443 better??
Firefox thinks it knows better than you. So when you enter a HTTP address it redirects you to HTTPS (and therefore port 443).

Is 8443 any "better" than 443? Not really, it's just a bit less obvious to miscreants.

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