Why Your Next IP Camera Should Be Panoramic


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If you haven't seen what a panoramic IP camera can do, you should check this out.

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glad to hear that the following Amazon review is no longer valid (I think there may have been several software updates leading to this improvement)

1.0 out of 5 starsAwfull camera, DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE
By ThatGuy on 12 April 2016
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I have never in my life been so dissapointed with a product as i am with this camera. This is absolute garbage. I really dont have much time so lets make this short. The mobile phone app si awfull, it crashes sll the time, it is slow (on a flagship tablet and phone), it lacks any real settings, it is user unfriendly, ...
The picture quality is horrible, the camera i had before (also edimax) was 720p but the quality was way better, especially the contrast. Below are two images, one is from this camera and one is from an old phone, both are 1080p native and at the fish eye (from this camera) you can see (or better said can not see) the low quality. The burn in is so strong as if the sun would be shining directly into it. The non fish eye picture is from my 5 years old phone. You can see much more details, much better contrast, colors, details, everything. This camera is a joke.
I also tried it indors and if there is not perfect lighting, the picture quality of this camera is horrible, every burglar in the world probably wishes all cameras were like this, because noone would ever be recognized on it...
Don't believe the bullshots from the Edimax PR site, this product is pure garbage. If i knew the quality would be so SO bad i wouldnt even pay 10€ for this.


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I ordered a D-Link DCS-960L. The software is pretty good. The cloud works like a charm.

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@thiggins, the images, were they from your workplace/clients workplace?

You should never expose your IoT devices to the internet or cloud despite their features or functionality. Local server is preferred and backed up to cloud.


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How to protect yourself by that?

If a product shows up inside shodan, it could be there for any given reason - anything from default account settings to poor application security - each product is going to be a bit different perhaps.

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