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WireGuard and Traditional QOS

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CakeQoS may work for you. Try it and see. If not good enough revert to Traditional QoS. Your settings will be still there.
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Well, a lot of people are doing a lot of different things online at the same time.
Are you trying to preemptively assure their happiness or are your efforts in response to problems having arisen? If solely the former I suggest seeing what happens sans QOS first. That would be so much simpler if it works okay!
@Tech9 Thanks for the tip! Did not know about settings being saved upon changing QoS.

@glens A bit of both, to be honest. Basically, there are a two colossal, stinky turds. I am a fly buzzing in the middle of those two. As a designated "knows his crap about computers" guy, I am dab smack in the middle of an ongoing all-out who can use-the-most-bandwidth war. Imagine me as a kind of diplomat who does his best to keep two large, unreasonable ( huge understatement ) sides happy. Quite a complicated situation that I am managing to balance... for how long, who knows. My wits end are, well, at an end.

Accessing my home network and files from work would make my "on the job" life much easier, so I decided to try out a VPN solution. Since I work mornings, complaints would be kept to a minimum. However, turning off QoS completely would result in violent, biblical proportion like shaking of the foundations of what I've set up here. That's same as poking a hornets nest bare-assed. It wouldn't end well.
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