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Wirelss Safety with "All-In-One"?

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Hello everyone,

I am in the process of helping an older neighbor couple get setup with a new ISP. In our area this is comes down to Comcast. I currently own an Arris SB6183 and a Netgear R7800 running Voxel's firmware. I thought about an R7500 or R7800 for my neighbors but, have some concern over the flashing requirements. I can certainly perform the firmware upgrades for them but, it must also considered that this may not be wanted. The husband cares for his wife who had a sever stroke ~5 years ago so, low levels of system maintenance would be best for them. However, this couple is also a second set of parents to my wife so, there is much positive chemistry between our two households.

To that end I looked into the cable modem and router or, gateway. From what I have learned cable ISP's push firmware upgrades to this type of broadband hardware after testing to ensure it meets the security (and other) needs.

Can anyone here educate me on this subject?
In your use case - I would go with the Comcast provided equipment rather than try to roll one's own...

Let the ISP manage things - that way, if things go wrong, you'll have someone to blame...
+1 If something goes wrong, it will be better for them to call Comcast. One of the first things Comcast support will ask them is if they have their own equipment. You probably don’t want to be on the problem resolution path.

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