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Recently we were provided new laptops for working from home. The laptops have a hard drive password.

I am looking to setup an automation to start the laptop in the mornings and login to windows automatically. The main problem I have is getting around the hard drive password.

I am unable to turn off the HDD Password as IT have it pretty locked down in terms of access. I am hoping someone here will have some good ideas to get around this issue? Thanks in advance.

Laptop: Dell Latitude 3520

PS. I am aware of the security issues I could have if successful in my plan


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The password must be entered manually on every boot. No way around it - this is how it is designed to work.


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Welcome to the forums @llama32.

With anything that is not your property, you must use the protocols and processes they give.

Doing otherwise will potentially get you in very real legal trouble, which means financial trouble too.

Whether or not there is ever a breach in the security of your specific laptop or not.

I would suggest you do not follow this path.

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