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XT9 Repeater Mode

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The specs page of Asus XT9 shows that this model is missing the repeater mode (I'm referring to the vanilla repeater mode, not the AIMesh node mode). This seems very strange to me, and I wanted to ask if anyone that has first-hand access to this model can confirm if repeater mode is removed or what.
Welcome to the forums @tackoo.

Why would you doubt the official specs? And do you have a link to that page?
Thanks for the welcome!

Here's the page for the specs comparison of XT8 and XT9. I don't think Asus has any page that shows detailed specs of XT9 individually: https://www.asus.com/product-compar...rking-IoT-Servers-Whole-Home-Mesh-WiFi-System

I doubt the accuracy of this table because the official specs are not completely accurate for XT8, which I have and can compare to the published info. I guess these differences are due to 386 (for XT8) vs 388 (for XT9) firmware, but removing a central feature doesn't make sense to me. I am thinking maybe repeater mode wasn't available in the early versions of 388, but then re-implemented (or will be re-implemented)?

Edit: Screenshot of the page:
CleanShot 2022-09-25 at 07.06.43.png
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TX9 is updated XT8 and I'm sure whatever is available on XT8 is also available on XT9.
That screenshot is unreadable.

And with 151+ views and counting, I don't think anyone will respond to your request in a timely manner.

Buy the router and test it to see if it works as you need. Otherwise, the only thing I would 'believe' right now, is the official specs as posted by Asus.
Sorry about the unreadable screenshot. I'm new to the forum and didn't realize it turned out like that. It was basically just the copy of the link from Asus I shared. This link should have the higher resolution, though: XT8 vs XT9.

I think I'll hold a little longer. I don't need this urgently, and hopefully, there'll be a datapoint soon. Thanks for all the help!

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