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New Around Here
I am new to the NAS scene and terrible with networking tech.

After reading around, I decided to try my hand on a DIY file server solution.

Intel DQ35JO Motherboard
Intel e2200 Processor
Samsung 40Gb SATA HD
WD Green 750Gb SATA HD
2 Gb Kingston RAM

I loaded VirtualBox on my laptop and set it up to try FreeNAS, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu Server, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008. I couldn't get a couple of the Linux distros to load on VirtualBox so I didn't get to try them yet.

Well I loaded Windows Server 2008 since it looked easiest to me. I updated the OS and after adding a few roles, my NIC is only occasionally recognizing the network connection. I restarted and that did not help.

And that brings me here...

I'm in need of some guideance.

1. Central file storage for multiple computers (mix of XP, Vista, OS X; at most 4 users accessing router, at most 2 accessing "NAS" at same time)
2. Standard definition video streaming (1 user, only occasionally)
3. Access control & multiple security levels. Ideally, something like tax documents would require certain "rights" and also a password.
4. Lower power use, the better. Would like a 24/7 solution
5. Access to files over internet
6. Would like to have central iTunes setup so I can load my iPods from any computer

1. Currently have Linksys WRT54Gv8 router and a spare Dell router
2. Have wireless printer so no need for printe server
3. Have spare WD Mybook USB HD. Easily hacked to use different drive.
4. Have iBook G4 that can be used as server also (likely FW400 drive)

Questions at hand:
1. For my purposes, which would fit better: DIY "server" system, iBook with external FW400 HD, or the Synology 108J?
2. Would adding a GigE switch to my network make any difference for my limited needs listed?
3. If DIY server/NAS is recommended, is there any opinions on OS for a network & Linux dumby?

Any and all criticisms and suggestions welcome. Again, I'm completely new to this so I am open for anything! :)
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