zenwifi ax mini (xd4) as AiMesh 2.0 node AND? use the LAN port for a client?


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Just wanted to confirm that with AiMesh 2.0 and also the newer AX models that I should still be able to use the LAN ports on AiMesh nodes without any additional configuration. That the LAN port of an AiMesh node should just act as a switch.

In my use case, I have a XD4R that has a single LAN and single WAN port being used as an AiMesh node. I would like to hardwire an old old client device (since it only has 2.4 wifi built in) via ethernet to the LAN port of the XDR4.

I did see older posts that this would work, but those posts were for AC models and also AiMesh 1.0

Thanks much to the forum.

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