Zenwifi XT8 rebooting

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Hey Folks
A mate of mine just got the Asus Zenwifi XT8 kit to replace his (useless) Virgin Media box. We've put the Virgin into Modem mode and set up the Asus pair (with wired backhaul) - all is working well there and stable with both wired and wireless clients.

He has a VPN router that connects his IP phone to the office. If we plug this vpn router into the Zenwifi, the Router-node Zenwifi starts rebooting continually. This happens regardless which node we plug this vpn router into. The vpn router had no issues running through the Virgin Media box. (I've also tried plugging it into my Asus RT-AC86U - running the latest Merlin 384.19 - and it remains unaffected). As soon as we unplug the vpn router, the Zenwifi stabilises.

We're on software

The vpn router is doing nothing 'fancy' - simply establishing an IPSec tunnel to an endpoint.

The logs show the ethernet port come up - and a short while later the kernel starting up (again)

We're (fairly unsuccessfully, I might add) trying to deal with Asus product support. They keep asking for the logs (which we provide each time) but it seems to be a bit of a broken record.

Any ideas? (either with the reboot or even with how to get a decent response out of Asus)



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Thanks for this - I'm keen to give the newer s/w a try, I'll see if I can get over the road to his place in the next couple of days to try it out.


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As a follow up to this. Asus support mailed through a beta firmware ( which we tried - and it seems to have worked
I might give the public beta a spin on my on RT-AC86U, though.
Thanks again!

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