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    [R7800] 5GHz only ~150MBps on smartphone

    Can you also try plugging in the phone to charge and test it like that? Preferably with the battery full or near full so it's not drawing too much power from the charger and generating extra heat from that. I've had phones that slow down WiFi when running on battery.
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    Mesh network with my R7800?

    Why not leave the router where it is, and get another router or AP and put it in bridge mode at the end where wired is needed? I've bought 3-stream AC routers that I use like this for as low as $20 (Walmart sale of Netgear R6250), but more usually you can get sales for around $50~60...
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    NETGEAR Spinning Off Arlo Via IPO

    This is the perfect camera for my usage, except I want local NVR recording, sigh. Anyone knows something similar with that ability? Small, battery powered, WiFi.
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    R7800 and HT160 Setting

    I've seen that thread before, but that guy doesn't provide any details of what he's using. I do doubt that just aggregating 2 Gb ports would magically enable a 1733 Mb/s link though.
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    R7800 and HT160 Setting

    I think TCP vs UDP makes a difference. How are you testing exactly? Is UDP a reasonable way to test actually?
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    R7800 and HT160 Setting

    I just replaced my WiFi chip to an Intel 9260 on my Razer Blade Stealth, and have the R7800. Has anyone actually achieved these two to link on 160 MHz? I have enabled HT160 on the router, and have the latest firmware (V1.0.2.44, and also didn't work in Also installed the latest...
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    ASUS RT-AC87 Firmware - Official Releases

    Hey guys, I have been monitoring this thread for a while. It seems the routers with this Quantenna chip are having some of the similar issues, and I have a Netgear R7500, which like this one, is producing massive battery drain on Android devices on 5GHz. Can anyone tell if this latest firmware...