What's up with Wi-Fi Easy Connect? Are there any routers with it?

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I've got an R7800 right now, and Wi-Fi Easy Connect is supposed to be one of my requirements, but I haven't been able to find any routers yet that advertise it. Anyone knows any? The Wi-Fi Alliance product finder only lists some Qualcomm SoCs and some Fujitsu phones, and I know all Android phones since Android 10 support both configurator and enrollee roles.

But doesn't this also require support from the router/AP? Before, I thought it would just be part of the WPA3 protocol, but the first link above says it can be used with WPA2 as well, so I'm guessing it's a separate thing. I'm wondering if it's even available to use in the real world at all.

Also I have a question maybe more technical people could answer. Right now an issue with sharing your password w/friends is that then it's not secure, they can retrieve it and share it (remember Wi-Fi Sense in Windows 10?) . I was under the impression that Wi-Fi Easy Connect would use something like unique keypairs to authenticate the enrollee instead of giving the password to them. I can't find anything to corroborate that, instead it seems it may just transmit the SSID + password but in encrypted form until it gets to the device? There are very easy ways to read the plaintext wifi password on Android and Windows. Even if you're using a guest network, not having to share a password lets you have tighter control over the network.
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Most people use the Guest network feature to allow temporary network connection.
Here's the link to the spec:

Many times, technology like this is incorporated into products behind the scenes or rebranded with a snazzy name by marketing people looking to make their product seem unique.

It could be that Easy Connect is used in the apps that manufacturers are trying to encourage people to use for routers and more commonly for mesh systems.

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