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    Sponsored: A Better Way To Mesh

    Zero added value added in that article. Why not discuss how to optimize your router configuration for optimal aimesh performance?
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    ac 9260 5Ghz vs 2.4 Ghz speed

    The two cards work off of the same drivers. However, I did uninstall and reinstall them just in case before i ran the tests. Hopefully you are right and we will see new drivers, otherwise I am inclined to buy the older card for $20.
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    ac 9260 5Ghz vs 2.4 Ghz speed

    I just got an intel ac 9260 card that I ordered off ebay. It arrived from China. I installed it, and then tested the speed using Netstress. An Asus AC68U router is one floor above the room behind me, so I figure there are a few walls for the signal to go through. Here are the results: 2.4...
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    Why You Don't Need MU-MIMO

    Thanks for the article. Very Informative
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    NETGEAR R8000P Nighthawk X6S Tri-Band WiFi Router with MU-MIMO Reviewed

    I missed the articles to which you are referring with the statement that testing for MU-MIMO is a waste of time because "previous tests have shown that the feature either can't or doesn't influence how devices connect"
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    D-Link DIR-882 AC2600 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router Reviewed

    Thanks for the review. Kind of disappointing 5Ghz range. Was MU-MIMO not tested? I went over the review twice and did not see anything. I have to mention that the Netgear R7800 that you mentioned in the beginning of the review is listed at $130 for a certified refurbished unit on Amazon...
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    Sale on Synology Routers

    Interesting that you say that, but to quote from the review: "With a rank of 14 out of the 16 AC1900 routers in the Router Ranker, there isn't much reason to recommend the Synology RT1900ac based on either price or performance. [] ...most people don't buy wireless routers because of features...
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    Sale on Synology Routers

    Isn't a used Netgear R7000 for $65, or a used Asus TM AC-1900 for $60 better deal?
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    Prefered brand of GB switch

    $100? sweet deal! Could you tell us where you got it from? I am in the market for one too.
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    Cisco RV082 and RV016 v3 VPN Routers Reviewed

    Looks like a lot of people on Amazon are complaining that they did not get v3 when they ordered it, but got the old version....
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    Confessions (part2) of a PFSENSE 2.0 newby..

    pfsense throughput According to pfSense, to achieve throughput of 201-500 Mbps, you need server class hardware with PCI-X or PCI-e network adapters, or newer desktop hardware with PCI-e network adapters. And, no less than 2.0 GHz CPU. Yet the ASUS RT-N56U is capable of 800+ Mbps. How...
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    DIR-655 is flaky...looking for recommendations for reliable replacement

    Did you find a good replacement for your D-link 655? Mine has been rebooting and I am looking to replace it as well.