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    Skynet Skynet - Router Firewall & Security Enhancements

    That is the main problem I see here...
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    Allow guest network access to single IP for printer

    I w I will also like to know this :)
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    [ASUS RT-AC85P] - Any information?

    I have definitely been convinced to go with 86U now! Thanks guys :) Can I ask what modems you guys are using?
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    [ASUS RT-AC85P] - Any information?

    That is exactly why i asked. I have seen waaaay more threads and comments about problems with RT-AC86U and its hard to tell if it's just because it's more current or if it actually has more problems. One common one seems to be about the 5GHz WiFi dropping all the time. I would like to hear from...
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    [ASUS RT-AC85P] - Any information?

    Thanks for clearing that up! Definitely not one to buy then eh... I was thinking about buying RT-AC68U but it seems to be coming very close to being EOL. Is RT-AC86U better in every way?
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    [ASUS RT-AC85P] - Any information? I wasn't sure at first if I was allowed to link the official website, but it seems to be ok.
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    [ASUS RT-AC85P] - Any information?

    Hey guys, I'm new around here :) love the forums! I have just come across the RT-AC85P and cannot find any information on it other than the official site and some e-tailers selling it. My questions are... Is this a new device? Is it a replacement for RT-AC68U? Will it be supported in Merlin...