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    Asus XT8 - Plug 4G usb modem to node ?

    Hello, I have a setup with the wonderful Asus XT8 mesh system. My 2 routers are linked with an ethernet cable, the main unit on the 1st floor, the node on the second floor. I would like to plug an old smartphone on the USB port to act as a USB 4G modem as a backup internet connection...
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    Cannot mount SD card on USB 4G modem

    The SD card was formatted in ext4 using minitool partition. Interestingly, I managed to get it working and install Diversion on it once after disabling the 4G modem. But now that swtiched back to the 4G modem, the SD card still seems to be detected but cannot be mounted for some reasons...
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    Cannot mount SD card on USB 4G modem

    Dear SNB community, I recently discovered the power of AsusWRT Merlin and I want to benefit from some extended features such as Diversion. I tried to install it with a simple USB thumb drive and it worked perfectly. However, with my USB 4G modem (configured in failover mode in case my main...