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    RT-AC86U intermittently but constantly dropping Internet Connection

    I think there was recommendation that DCHP query frequency to be (aggressive) Normal ?
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    RT-AC86U intermittently but constantly dropping Internet Connection

    when you first had the router, did you perform hard reset? I bought from Amazon warehouse deal as used item and was experiencing very similar to yours. I was doing reset from gui and it kept on having issues on new flash. Had to do button combi ie WPS + power hard reset. Everything was working...
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    Repeater/AiMesh suggestions for RT-AC86U

    Hoping it's ok to ask here. Currently only have AC86U and looking to add either another one on AiMesh or an access point. It's only to cover 1 bedroom where at the moment the signal is the lowest and we've 5 devices there. I've been offered Asus EA-AC87 AP for almost half the price of either...
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    What addons are you all using?

    Simple setup with Diversion, Skynet and CakeQos. All 3 set and forget. Skynet was eyeopener with some 350K IP's banned and 3K inbound blocks since installed 2 weeks back. I'm not sure if youtube block of Diversion is working as it's still hit and miss. 19th Day on 384.18 with 95% RAM usage. For...
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    The rmerlin donation thread.

    Thanks for your hard and selfless work.
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    [Beta] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.18 Beta / 384.13_9 is now available

    I'm seeing some crazy CPU usage on AC86U with latest beta 1. Only have diversion and cake-qos installed. Don't know if this is normal but apart from that everything seems to be working. Nothing out of ordinary on sys log. Edit: ignore. It's diversion loggin when enabled causing CPU spikes.
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    wan-start script also run on wan-stop

    bump any help would help :cool:. Looks like the issue is vpn provider using port 53/80. I've tried another provider using port 1194 and no issues. Any workaround to this?
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    x3mRouting x3mRouting ~ Selective Routing for Asuswrt-Merlin Firmware

    is there a fool proof idiot guide on how to do this thing :D? Gone back to last 10 pages and now my head is hurting. I've installed option 2 and can't add any client using GUI. I can see the client list on Source IP dropdown but nothing happens on click. If i manually input Source IP then it...
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    wan-start script also run on wan-stop

    I'm having issues with VPN which when toggled off, wan disconnects. Reboot fixes but found from here that I can get internet connection back using GUI so saves the hassle to reboot & long wait. Looks like this script may be the solution. Sorry for dumb question but how do I use this script? copy...
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    wan-start & wan-event

    Router gets disconnected from internet when VPN switched is toggled to OFF. Searched the forum and found that need to use wan-start script to call wan-event on 384.15 FW. Can anyone put out the code so that I can just copy/paste :) many thanks.
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    Selective Routing with Asuswrt-Merlin

    Thanks very much again. Yes working perfectly. I tested first with removing port 80 and couldn't access box. Then removed 8001, can access but won't stream as expected. iptables --nVL PREROUTING --line -t mangle output:
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    Selective Routing with Asuswrt-Merlin

    Excellent bud. Will test it and report back soon. I found one script from here on post #51 posted on Nov 2013 which looks to be working. But yours look much cleaner and shorter. regards,
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    Selective Routing with Asuswrt-Merlin

    Hi all. I've gone through almost all the posts here and now more confused than ever (Also not helping much after watching Mother! :eek:). I've Asus running 380.68_4 FW. I've my Cable streaming box ( on policy rules to run via VPN. I've got port 80 & 8001 on port forwarding for the...
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    DHCP failing to give DNS to clients in Merlin 380.68_4

    Not sure if you managed to fix it but had similar issues when I flashed previous builds. Can't find it but think the recommendation is to do "factory restore" once in every 3rd FW flash.
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    Google WiFi Reviewed

    Picked up pair for v cheap...cheaper than N router :D from local ad. All seems to be working but currently I'm on Linksys EA6900 with xvortex FW. I've 8 port unmanaged gigabit switch. Is this the right setup? From cable modem -> google wifi 1 (internet port). google wifi1 2nd Lan port ->...