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    Netgear WAC124 question

    I recently bought a Netgear WAC124 to use as a Wireless Access Point to replace an aging Netgear WNDR3700. The WNDR3700 has been running DD-WRT firmware for a number of years without any issues. I wrote a C# program which periodically queries the WNDR3700 via a Telnet connection to get a list of...
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    VPN/DDNS set up on multiple NAT environment

    I'm not familiar with PPPoE and its limitations, however I have a similar VPN use case between the UK and the US. With your current configuration are you able to set up port forwarding on the ASUS routers to direct traffic to specific servers on each LAN? If so have you considered setting up...
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    Untangle on GIG Internet Connection

    I signed up for a home license for Untangle in May 2017. At the time my Internet connection was Xfinity Blast which gave me a 250Mbs download and 10Mbs upload. I installed Untangle on a Zotac CI323 nano and it performed flawlessly. In December of 2017 I upgraded my internet to Xfinity 1 Gbs...
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    Does the slowest AC client slow down the rest?

    To be honest Tim I haven't investigated Airtime Fairness implementations maybe I might give it a go sometime. However from the tests I ran I did see some interesting behaviour which you may be interested in. The tests basically consisted of a PC associated with the Linksys 802.11ac AP and an...
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    Does the slowest AC client slow down the rest?

    I think you will find that dynamic bandwidth adjustment in 802.11ac is not a widely supported feature. As Matthew Gast's 802.11ac Survival Guide explains. Prior to sending a data packet at a reduced bandwidth the AP must send a special RTS packet with the group bit set in its mac address (also...
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    Linksys EA6350 v3 radio chip

    Can't argue with that logic :)
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    Linksys EA6350 v3 radio chip

    The EA6350 does NOT support MU-MIMO only SU
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    Untangle at Home Reviewed

    Has anyone installed Untangle on a Zotac CI323? If so can you tell me what version of BIOS you are running? I saw the following post indicating you had to revert the BIOS version to an earlier version. And according to his post he had to install Windows first to use the utility to revert the...
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    Mesh Mashup Redux - NETGEAR's Orbi Checks In

    Sorry if tis is old information but the following links to apple support articles on how ios devices support 802.11k/r/v an how the devices roam may be of interest.
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    Linksys EA6350 v3 radio chip

    Thanks - that worked
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    Linksys EA6350 v3 radio chip

    Thanks Tim. Great job on the site and forums btw. Unfortunately when I click on the link I just get a single line response saying "You are not authorized to access this site". Is there somewhere I need to sign up first?
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    Linksys EA6350 v3 radio chip

    Hi I'm new to this forum after having been a silent browser for a few months. I have a quick question on the Linksys EA6350 v3 router - does anyone know which radio chip it uses on the 5GHz radio? I'm curious to know because it is listed on the WiFi Alliance Interoperability testing as...