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  1. HDGuy

    Beta ASUSWRT 386 RC2 public beta with full functions AiMesh 2.0

    I totally gave up on RC2 and just reinstalled the release firmware on both XT8s. I am using them in media bridge config with 160Mhz dedicated backhaul because that's the only way I'm able to get a fast, stable wireless connection on the backhaul. AiMesh just keeps falling back to 2.4 and "Weak".
  2. HDGuy

    Beta ASUSWRT 386 RC2 public beta with full functions AiMesh 2.0

    Since upgrading both XT8s to the latest RC2 I just cannot seem to find my node. Even when I fall-back to the release firmware I still cannot find it.
  3. HDGuy

    iOS app

    I just posted that in another thread- there is no option to change VPN settings in the iOS app at all, just the Android app.
  4. HDGuy

    Beta ASUS Instant Guard iOS/Android public beta

    It's unfortunate because I'd like some sort of easy way to change VPN servers on my XT8. At least the beta Asus Android app allows you to do it from mobile, unfortunately the beta iOS app doesn't.
  5. HDGuy

    XT8 experience so far

    How do you expose the wireless backhaul? I just got an iPad Air 4 and I'd like to try out the 160MHz band. I don't really use the mesh node in my bedroom much so it doesn't matter if 1 ax device is sharing the backhaul.
  6. HDGuy

    Just got my XT8- questions

    Node and what device? I'm using gigabit ethernet- even with the node right next to the router I can't get over 400/400.
  7. HDGuy

    RT-AX92u manual settings for stable wireless connection

    I did. I think one of the 2 I got is a bad one, the fact I had to factory reset to get wifi6 back right off the bat does not lead to much confidence. It’s probably just a return Newegg labeled as “refurbished” I’m just going to send it back and call it a wash-p.
  8. HDGuy

    RT-AX92u manual settings for stable wireless connection

    I actually have fooled around with multiple configs based on the suggestions made in the forum. I had the ac86u as the base and used the wrt32000 in wireless bridge mode (it was unstable as the main router) and averaged ~400Mbps both ways with the 3200acm in my bedroom. Now I’m getting ~300Mbps...
  9. HDGuy

    RT-AX92u manual settings for stable wireless connection

    I don't know, I just got mine and have been fooling around with them for the last couple of hours, I haven't been able to get much better than 480/600 with them sitting right next to each other. The best link rate I can get is ~1900Mbps RSSI: -16dBm What am I doing wrong? Edit: I changed the...
  10. HDGuy

    RT-AX92u impressions?

    Hey thanks, so I'll probably pick up a refurb pair off Newegg. I have a small apartment (~900sq ft) that are converted condos from an old school, the wifi reception in here is pretty poor- I had to change phone carriers when I moved in because I kept losing reception as I walked towards the...
  11. HDGuy

    RT-AX92u impressions?

    The ax92u can be found for $300 refurbed for a pair now, and I want to get people's impressions of it. My main question: I realize that only the mesh wireless backhaul is wifi6, and that's ok for me since I have no wifi6 devices. In this config do wired devices connected to the node take...
  12. HDGuy

    [Maylyn - Networking] ASUS ZenWiFi XT8

    Been out for a while now, any long term impressions? Interested in picking up a pair but it looks like the firmware is still a work in progress?
  13. HDGuy

    ZenWifi AX No 160mhz for backhaul

    Well this is FIOS which consists of a ONT in my closet which is fiber then I would run ether from there to the XT8. I’m going to give the XT8 a try I think. I wanted to use the 2nd node in bridge mode as I have a Mikrotic wireless wire in my living room (it’s impressive for $160, consistent 1g)...
  14. HDGuy

    ZenWifi AX No 160mhz for backhaul

    This one is an interesting hardware setup, with a lot of potential. I really hope they offer a way to use a LAN port as a single WAN port (instead of just dual-WAN, freeing up the 2.5g port for LAN on both nodes) because so many people are limited to 1g internet. Speaking of which (you know I...