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Jan 2, 2012
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    1. worm@79
      [email protected]
      Good afternoon Hugo. I realise that the the SNB forum was closed down by Tim due to some discussions of FCC infringements, however I've done a lot of searching and I believe your forked firmware of asus routers (providing XOR patch) could be my only option. Would by any chance the firmware be still available for a AC56u? Any help would be appreciated. Regards.
    2. Tommy
      Hi, can you send me the links for the rt-n18u? 10x
    3. cristi2009
      Hello hggomes , can i get your firmware for asus ac87u ? it will be a huge help thanks.
    4. cryptolove
      Channel: #asuswrt not found(
    5. cryptolove
      hi hggomes. need help/
      ac66u ( help !
      if possible( ru inet((
    6. AndreyKa
      Hi, can you please sent me your firmware for the RT-N66U?

    7. yorick
      Hey Hggomes,

      Can u please sent me your firmware for the RT-ac88U?

    8. Mango
      Can u send me a link for n16 ac68u ac88u and ac5300 latest firmware? Thank u
    9. mattsq7
      Hi, Still waiting for the ac87u frimware link plz.
    10. mattsq7
      HELLO hggomes sorry to bother you but can i get your fork merlin frimware for ac87u it will be a huge help thanks.
    11. ASadani
      Hi. Can I please have the firmware for ac5300 please? much thanks
    12. uzwuz
      Hi, i would likte to have a link for RT-N66u hggomes Firmware Please? Can i Flash over Asuswrt-Merlin 380.69.2
    13. Shturman
      May I have a link for RT-AC66U hggomes firmware? Thanks.
    14. uzwuz
      how can I play hggomes firmware over the Asuswrt-Merlin 380.69.2? Please Help...
    15. Apollo_ro
      Hello hggomes, can you please send me the link to the ASUS RT-N18U firmware? Thank you!
    16. ASadani
      Hope hggomes is ok. Its sad to see no activity from him. Does anyone know what has happened?
    17. kannanni
      Hi hggomes,

      Could you please send me a link to download for RT-AC68U?

      Thank you
    18. fdenul
      hello Hugo, can i get the link to adapt firmware on my ac-87, i got i from you in the past but had to reset my pc and lost bookmarks
    19. AfrostPL
      Hi, hggomes, can I ask you for submitting software for asus rt-ac87u? So that it would allow to unlock more power or at least change the region from Europe to Australia where power and channels would be definitely better. Thank you very much and best regards in advance.
    20. smagus
      hello! can you tell me where I can get your RT-AC66_B1 FW version? thanks in advance, good job!
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